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The struggle to have a seat at the table where important decisions are made has been central to the disability rights movement since it began in the US after World War 2, and it continues today:

Making Change Happen thought organized action
Working together we can make real change and get better outcomes for all kids and adults with disabilities
  • Too many disabled kids do not receive a good education.
  • Too many disabled adults can’t get good jobs or housing.
  • Too many disability programs are grossly underfunded.
  • In times of disaster or crisis, the last people considered are those most at risk – the disabled and the elderly.
  • In times of economic challenge, programs for the disabled are often the first to be cut.
  • Too often, services and supports for kids and adults with disabilities are difficult to find or inaccessible.

It is time to have a real seat at the table and to be part of the decisions that impact lives. is here to help.

Systems change, political change, and cultural change don’t just happen. They need to be designed, organized, and implemented. Building power for the change we want to see will make a difference.

  • Leaders need to be cultivated and trained to get elected and appointed to champion impactful decision making.
  • Causes need to be turned into organized campaigns with clear objectives to achieve lasting results.
  • Groups need to be shaped into effective organizations to grow, build momentum, and help communities.
  • Alliances need to be formed so that all persons with disabilities are heard and so that we can work together to ensure better outcomes for all.

The team has decades of expertise making effective change happen – in government, non-profit, and private sectors. We are bringing those skills to the disability community. Working on our own projects and with other individuals, groups, and causes to reach better outcomes for children and adults with disabilities. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation. We were set up from the beginning to improve systems, navigate politics, and battle stigmas. We are a partner and an ally of disability groups, causes, and individuals looking to make positive change in support of better outcomes for all persons with disabilities.

Ask us about partnership opportunities and supports.

Together we can achieve better outcomes!

Join us.

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