Measure V will provide $10 million per year for the operation of the San Mateo Foster City School District if it passes in November.

What seems to be missing in the discussion is the real implication of Measure V failing.

Our schools will be losing $7 million per year in funding.

This will mean a loss of $300,000 to $350,000 per school per year.

The $5 million in cuts that are now being discussed are just for the first year.

Even worse, time is running out.

Ballots will be out by 9 October. 

That’s when voting begins.

19 days are left.

Every postcard or sign or mailing or press release or canvas after October 9th will be reaching fewer and fewer voters.

20 percent of votes will be cast the first week (by October 16th).

And we must reach them. We need two thirds (66.7%) of the voters to support Measure V or the cuts are going to start hitting our kids hard.

The best result of our prior school funding measures was around 69 percent of voters.

Measure Y failed with just over 65 percent in favor.

There is no margin for error.

Our group,, has endorsed Measure V and are running a postcard campaign to reach all of the active voters. We have already distributed 5000 postcards and we want to get 10,000 more out to reach EVERY active voter  – because we need them.


Our kids need every voter to know how important Measure V is.

And they need to know now.

19 days.

Please pull out all the stops with every parent, teacher, staff, and administrator that you know and get them to support Measure V. 

Use your own words. Share this message.  Talk over coffee.

The word needs to get out.

If you need read more reasons why it is imperative to support Measure V, read our series of articles at:

If you are ready to help while there is still time, join our campaign to reach ALL the active voters in San Mateo and Foster City:

We look forward to you joining us to make sure Measure V passes.


Chelsea, Jenny, Steve, Co-Founders



p.s. – Helping with our “Yes on V” postcard campaign is pretty easy… and the math is awesome:

1 hour PLUS  35 postcard stamps ($3.50) =  $830 per student per year.

And helping is almost as easy as the math:

1.  Sign up at

2. We’ll get you a packet of 10 pre-addressed postcards (or more).

3. You fill them out (… get your kids to help … if their writing is OK!) – we provide sample scripts for both parents and kids.

4. We pick them up and mail them just as the ballots go out in early October.

And if you are feeling ambitious, have a postcard party or postcard playdate (or postcard playdate party)!!

Don’t worry, we’ll give you full directions with each package.

These personalized postcards make a real difference.  While people may throw away flyers, they definitely read handwritten postcards. 

Every vote counts. The last attempt to pass this parcel tax failed by less than 2 percent of the vote.


Eleven PTAs and schools, over 100 individual parents, teachers, and administrators (apparently, Principal Dullea from LEAD is doing 100 postcards herself as is Superintendent Rosas), and other community members have already signed up to send out 5000 postcards.  But we need you to reach the remaining 10,000 active voters in San Mateo and Foster City.

If you can help, sign up at

If you have any questions, email me at

We can arrange to get the postcards to you.

Thank you in advance!

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