A quick and dirty guide to self-determination – California style

Self-determination is a program for disabled children and adults where they get to “take control” of their services instead of using a list of “vendorized” services approved by their state or regional center (in California).

Today, your case manager / social worker, specifies which services you are approved for and how much of each you get.

Then, you can get them from an approved list of companies.

Ease and quality of service… your mileage may vary.

Under self-determination, you get a budget and then you “purchase” the services you wish on the open market from anyone who provides them.

Any services (actually, products as well, such as vehicle modifications, computers, etc.).

The state “simply” hires a payment agent to handle the purchases properly… and you have a “facilitator” who vets your purchases.

(both of whom get paid, your facilitator cannot be a service provider for you as well – conflict of interest, you know)

You can stay in the existing program and continue your existing services as you do today from your regional center (in our case here, Golden Gate Regional Center).

If you aren’t eligible for or receiving services, you need to apply to get into the system first.

Here in California, they are running a pilot program for 2500 people spread around the state (there is a quota per regional center) for the next 3 years.

Basically, it is a lottery.

To enter, you have to go to a meeting run by your local regional center. It sounds like they are going to be continuing these meetings at least through the Summer of 2018.

Once you’ve applied, you can see if your application is in the system by checking at: California Department of Developmental Services – DDS – enter your ID number for your regional center (check your paperwork, it will be there).

You don’t need to bring your ID number to apply… they’ll use your name and such to find you…. though it can’t hurt.

More news and publicity is coming and it sounds like this MIGHT start before the end of 2018.

… or not.

After 3 years, the intent is that this program will open up for everyone.

More info at:

California Self Determination Program

California Self Determination Presentations

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