About snkids.org

Snkids.org advocates for systemic improvement to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all special needs kids.

  • We hold high expectations for success.
  • We envision equitable opportunities and better outcomes for every child.

The sky is the limit if we embrace…

  • inclusion, not segregation,
  • compassion, not condescension, &
  • high expectations, not concern.

Anything is possible for kids with disabilities, just as for their typical peers.

Kids with special needs are too often divided by their diagnoses, and separated into segregated, unequal and inequitable learning environments.

Expectations for future independence and success are not high enough.

We do not condone these practices or the systems and mindsets that perpetuate them.

We are here to unite parents, families, teachers, advocates, and others who care about all special needs kids and know that they can do so much more if we just allow them the opportunity to show us their strengths!

Some disability rights have been asserted over the years through individual advocacy, but the issues our kids face are not personal, they are the result of broken and mismanaged systems and practices.

We are all in this together, and we’re dedicated to working toward better outcomes for ALL kids.

Join us!

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