Immersion Teaching for Your Autistic Child

Therapy for autism is great. There is nothing like a trained expert to help your child. But. They aren’t there all the time. They aren’t even there most of the time. You are. Be an active agent for your autistic child’s treatment. Don’t fall into the Autism Therapy Trap. Use your time with your child […]

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The Autism Treatment Trap

God, I want an autism treatment pill. Something that will magically, immediately make my son’s autism disappear. Right now. Of course, there is no anti-autism pill. But, I think we tend to look at the various therapy programs, special education, and other services as the next best thing. This is a trap. The Seductive Power of […]

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The A-word: Autism and Advocacy

About 10 days after my son’s diagnosis, I had “the talk” with my dad. We’d been denied for ABA therapy, the amount of speech therapy permitted didn’t seem to match with what we thought he needed. Things might be looking very big, very hard, and very expensive. (they still do) We might need some financial […]

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The Special Needs Ultra Marathon

Being a parent can feel like running a marathon*. It is long, it can be challenging, but most people can do it if you work at it,  and it does have an end (hopefully!?) … when your kids move out and get on with their own lives. Being a parent of an autistic child can feel like […]

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Getting Started with Special Needs – Get Your Resources

You are going to be dealing with autism for a very, very long time. Your first task is not to get treatment started (we actually got approved by our insurer pretty quickly for some speech therapy… a topic for another post). Treatment needs to be “prompt” not “urgent”. Your first task is to get signed […]

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