An open invitation for presenters for the 30 Days of Inclusion Conference (1-30 October 2019).

Proposal Deadline: 20 August 2019.

We want to make educational inclusion better in California and we’d like your help.

You don’t have to come to California (sorry). You don’t have to be a well-known expert (though that is good too). What you need to be is someone with something interesting to say about inclusion.

We need an essay or article* from you (you’ll keep copyright, we’ll have full rights to use your work, with attribution of course, as well). We also welcome:

  • A slideshow such as PowerPoint
  • A video
  • An audio
  • A long article or series of articles
  • … whatever you think it takes to make your message clear
  • or any combination.

We’ll need it in an editable format so we can improve accessibility and merge it into a proceedings package.


  • Educational Inclusion – at the state level, district level, school level, classroom level, individual level, homeschooling – how do you make inclusion happen? Sometimes it goes right, sometimes it goes wrong – what does that look like? What about exclusion – how do you do that? Why? For how long?
    • More topics: why inclusion matters, starting an inclusion program, experiences with inclusion and exclusion, inclusive charter schools, charter schools and inclusion, inclusive private schools, private schools and inclusion, non-public schools, how California special education works (or doesn’t), how other places special education works (or doesn’t)
  • The real world of disability – Outcomes – today and tomorrow – for kids, for adults. Some of the people at this conference will have no idea of what being disabled is like… or what the future holds for kids with disabilities.
    • stigma and ending stigma, bullying, restraint and seclusion, sexual assault, caregivers and service providers, how the California disability support system works (in reality and on paper), metrics,
  • Making change happen – how do you change systems, politics, and culture? Knowing the answers is not enough, you have to make change happen.
  • Other areas – housing, jobs, money, accessibility – disability touches everything.
  • Anything else – make us a proposal.

We’re looking forward to your proposal:

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* Why an essay or article?

We are trying to make the 30 Days of Inclusion as accessible as possible. By having basic content available on all topics in text format, we’ll be able to provide translations, transcripts, and whatever else it takes to make your story available to as many people as possible… while still allowing you to do your cool stuff with video, audio, 3D (?)… whatever you think it takes to get your message out there.

Other supporting materials could be: a sample resolution for your school board, letter to congress members, legislation, video of you speaking, audio interview or debate, pictures, Powerpoint or other slide presentations…. anything and everything that will help get your message across and be useful for the conference participants (check with us first in case we have difficulty hosting or making your content view-able… and maximally accessible).

How the conference will work

Our goal is to maximize reach and accessibility for the conference – two big challenges for the disability community…. and we want to make it easy for you, as a presenter, to get your message out.

  • Every presentation will be released to the public on a specific day of the conference (we’ll let you know in advance when your presentation will launch).
  • There will be a daily email as well as online post summarizing the day’s posts.
  • Your essay, along with any additional materials you provide, will then be available and shared with all of the conference attendees via email and online at the conference site.
  • We will have a supporting online forum to allow participants to ask questions, discuss, and otherwise explore the issues you’ve raised. We would very much like you to participate in this online discussion, especially on the day your presentation goes live, but that is totally up to you.
  • (You are, of course, invited to be a full participant in the conference and engage with the community on anything and everything.)
  • The forum will continue to be “live” after the event.
  • Your essay and, depending on their nature, your supporting materials, will be included in the proceedings.