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Measure V is a parcel tax to support the San Mateo Foster City School District. It will add over $830 per student per year. goal is to support all special needs kids.

One of the best ways to support all special needs kids is to support ALL kids.

Thank you Foster City and San Mateo

You’ve shown that you care about our community and our schools. Thank you moms and dads and kids. Thank you teachers and staff. Thank you PTAs and administrators. Thank you parents and grandparents and passionate citizens of San Mateo and Foster City and beyond. Over 500 of you sent out over 10,000 postcards to the […]

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More than three hundred thousand dollars lost per school

The cost of failure of Measure V There is a high cost of failure for Measure V. Between $300,000 to $350,000 per school ($7 million per year). Funds our schools have depended on until Measure Y failed in 2017. The damage will be real. Our schools in California are already underfunded. In San Mateo and […]

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19 days until the election

Measure V will provide $10 million per year for the operation of the San Mateo Foster City School District if it passes in November.What seems to be missing in the discussion is the real implication of Measure V failing.Our schools will be losing $7 million per year in funding. This will mean a loss of […]

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School Funding Basics – The mess we are in

There are a lot of questions about how school funding works in California and why our schools are constantly asking for money. 1. Our school districts and local governments are separate. They compete. Schools have 3 funding sources: The state – which treats San Mateo/ Foster City terribly. Funding has just this year returned to […]

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Prisons versus Education – Your Choice

.A year in prison costs California taxpayers $71,000 No one blinks. The cost has risen by $22,000 since 2011 – 30  percent. No one blinks. A parcel tax to raise funding for our local schools by 3 percent in the same eight year period. The screaming begins: Fraud. Crooks. Economize. Scam. I’M NOT SPENDING A […]

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A 3 percent raise every 8 years

Would you stay in a job if the only raise you got was 3 percent every 7 years? That is what the real increase proposed for Measure V is providing – a $3 million increase to the $7 million 2010 Measure A parcel tax   (the other increases in the parcel tax have been to account […]

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Budget cuts, shared commitment to our students

Budget cuts, shared commitment, shared suffering The San Mateo Foster City School Board is discussing budget cuts if Measure V fails. There are little program cuts here and there, but, basically, the way the district proposes balance the budget is with staff and teacher layoffs. What seems to be lost in this approach is our overall […]

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Getting to A Plus

The first challenge our district faces today is how to get through passing Measure V. This is THE elephant in the room and cannot be ignored. Raising revenue is intimately tied to solving the immediate budget shortfall. Costs continue to rise no matter what else is going on. This is true for everyone including the […]

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I want an A Plus school district

What kind of school district do we want? I want an A+ school district. I want a district where 95% of our kids are “at or above” grade level on standard tests. And where we are working our behinds off to help that remaining 5%. I want a district where we are proud of our […]

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Ending Denial -we have a problem

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  And the San Mateo Foster City School District has a big budget problem. There is actually one real miracle in the San Mateo Foster City School District… that our teachers, staff, administrators, and school boards have somehow managed to keep our schools running at just above […]

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