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Ending Denial -we have a problem

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  And the San Mateo Foster City School District has a big budget problem. There is actually one real miracle in the San Mateo Foster City School District… that our teachers, staff, administrators, and school boards have somehow managed to keep our schools running at just above […]

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Our kids need toilet paper, not a plan

Our schools need a lifeline – you can help by voting Yes on Measure V Did you know that our schools don’t have enough money for toilet paper? That’s how bad things have gotten in the San Mateo Foster City School District. And its about to get worse. If Measure V doesn’t pass, one of […]

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Thank you for your interest in! You are receiving this email because we have met you at an event (some of you almost a year ago with Steve at the 2017 School Board Forum!) or you have reached out to us… As you may already know, is committed to positively addressing practical solutions to systems and policies, with […]

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Measure V Postcards for Kids Campaign

We need your help for our Measure V Postcard Campaign has endorsed Measure V – the San Mateo Foster City School District parcel tax campaign. Every vote is critical. Your help in making sure the community knows about Measure V and it’s importance for all kids will make a huge difference. Parcel taxes require […]

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Yes on Measure V – keep our schools afloat endorses Measure V – Parcel Tax to keep our schools afloat in the San Mateo-Foster City School District The San Mateo-Foster City School District is bleeding money. More than $580 per student per year. Since Measure Y failed last spring, the school district has been running a deficit. Starting next year, the school district […]

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SNPride Picnic & Sponsorships

FREE Registration at SNPride Fair and Picnic. Become an #snpride picnic SPONSOR today! snpride picnic Sponsorship Form Sponsorship Levels: Bronze – $100 Silver – $250 Gold – $500 Platinum – $1,000       Platinum ($1,000)          Gold ($500)         Silver ($250)        Bronze ($100) Special recognition at Event; Logo […]

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Back to School 2018 – a rough start

Hello, My name is Maggie C, I have 2 daughters who attend elementary school in San Mateo. I’m here today because I wanted to share my back to school experience with you in particular with my daughter Rosie who has special needs. We ended last year with a teacher we loved, a therapy team that […]

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Run2funD Fair

Hosted by the San Mateo Foster City Education Foundation 23 September 2 to 5 PM Hillsdale High School Track Join at the Run2FunD Education Health & Wellness Fair Stop by. We’d love to meet you and hear what you have to say and how we can help. Join our Postcard Campaign to support Measure V. […]

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Annual Peninsula Democratic Coalition Family Potluck Picnic & Auction

Hosted by the Peninsula Democratic Coalition (PDC) 19 August 2018 – 4PM to 7PM Cuesta Park, Mountain View Join us at the PDC Annual Potluck Picnic & Auction! Facebook Event: Tickets ($10 donation per person) at: will be attending the BBQ. Stop by. We’d love to meet you and hear what you have to say […]

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Behavior is Communication

This Parents’ Guide to FBAs, Behaviors, Behavior Plans is very helpful in understanding how to address behavioral issues in your child’s IEP. One of our goals at is to focus on the systems and policies that contribute to the disproportionate level of special needs kids’ suspensions and expulsions… so perhaps this well-written summary is […]

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