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How-to guides, strategies, and ideas for navigating the various systems that you encounter in the world of special needs.

Behavior is Communication

This Parents’ Guide to FBAs, Behaviors, Behavior Plans is very helpful in understanding how to address behavioral issues in your child’s IEP. One of our goals at is to focus on the systems and policies that contribute to the disproportionate level of special needs kids’ suspensions and expulsions… so perhaps this well-written summary is […]

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PREP California Special Education Guide

Do you have questions about Special Education and the process by which to determine whether your child should be served by your School District under IDEA? If so, this Guide is for you! *Pay special attention to Page 6 [“Procedure for Parental Request”… for Assessment] California Special Education Guide PREP (Parental Readiness Empowerment Program) is a […]

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A quick and dirty guide to self-determination – California style

Self-determination is a program for disabled children and adults where they get to “take control” of their services instead of using a list of “vendorized” services approved by their state or regional center (in California). Today, your case manager / social worker, specifies which services you are approved for and how much of each you […]

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Concern before diagnosis – Observing your child

Are you unsure about your child’s behaviors? Do you feel something might be not quite right? The best way to help you and your child’s doctor answer those questions is to make observations of your child. See the checklist below to learn how to make your observations and what to look for, as well as […]

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What to expect when getting a private diagnosis

When you move into the private sector of assessment and diagnosis timelines can vary widely. In most cases once you receive the referral you must call the Doctor or Specialist and set up an initial appointment. This in itself can take up to a few months. Once the initial appointment is done they will schedule […]

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Getting your Child an IEP

Your child musty be at least 3 years old. Call your School District to see if they have a IEP request for evaluation form or if you need to write your own letter. Once you turn in the form or letter, District personnel will contact you to sign a parental permission for evaluation form. You […]

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