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…When good men do nothing

On Tuesday, 16 April 2019, the state of California effectively decided that the San Mateo Foster City School District can hold my son, Geoffrey, back in preschool forever. This is an absurd decision.  We will challenge it – as long and as far and as long as it takes. You will lose eventually. But he […]

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A Longstanding Discussion of Equity

On September 13, 2018, the San Mateo-Foster City School Board began discussing an Equity Resolution – 6_1_Resolution091819Equity_0 – to address issues in the District.  The Draft Resolution proposes to form an Equity Task Force to assist the District is addressing these issues. The Board will continue their discussion at future meetings or study sessions. I am a strong […]

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SNPride Picnic & Sponsorships

FREE Registration at SNPride Fair and Picnic. Become an #snpride picnic SPONSOR today! snpride picnic Sponsorship Form Sponsorship Levels: Bronze – $100 Silver – $250 Gold – $500 Platinum – $1,000       Platinum ($1,000)          Gold ($500)         Silver ($250)        Bronze ($100) Special recognition at Event; Logo […]

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Back to School 2018 – a rough start

Hello, My name is Maggie C, I have 2 daughters who attend elementary school in San Mateo. I’m here today because I wanted to share my back to school experience with you in particular with my daughter Rosie who has special needs. We ended last year with a teacher we loved, a therapy team that […]

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You are not your child’s best advocate

You are not your child’s best advocate (probably) It’s the first thing you start hearing when you find out that you are a special needs parent… You are your child’s best advocate It sounds good. But, it sure doesn’t feel true. Yes, you care more about your child than anyone else. But, you aren’t an […]

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Food for Thought

While we are dedicated to achieving better outcomes for all special needs kids at, I personally believe that society often puts mental health in a different category of need and concern than other special needs.  This statement is admittedly biased and is based solely upon my own personal experience with my child with special […]

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