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One key part of’s overall strategy is to engage with and use our democratic processes to empower the disabled community.

Budget cuts, shared commitment to our students

Budget cuts, shared commitment, shared suffering The San Mateo Foster City School Board is discussing budget cuts if Measure V fails. There are little program cuts here and there, but, basically, the way the district proposes balance the budget is with staff and teacher layoffs. What seems to be lost in this approach is our overall […]

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Getting to A Plus

The first challenge our district faces today is how to get through passing Measure V. This is THE elephant in the room and cannot be ignored. Raising revenue is intimately tied to solving the immediate budget shortfall. Costs continue to rise no matter what else is going on. This is true for everyone including the […]

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I want an A Plus school district

What kind of school district do we want? I want an A+ school district. I want a district where 95% of our kids are “at or above” grade level on standard tests. And where we are working our behinds off to help that remaining 5%. I want a district where we are proud of our […]

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Ending Denial -we have a problem

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  And the San Mateo Foster City School District has a big budget problem. There is actually one real miracle in the San Mateo Foster City School District… that our teachers, staff, administrators, and school boards have somehow managed to keep our schools running at just above […]

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Our kids need toilet paper, not a plan

Our schools need a lifeline – you can help by voting Yes on Measure V Did you know that our schools don’t have enough money for toilet paper? That’s how bad things have gotten in the San Mateo Foster City School District. And its about to get worse. If Measure V doesn’t pass, one of […]

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Measure V Postcards for Kids Campaign

We need your help for our Measure V Postcard Campaign has endorsed Measure V – the San Mateo Foster City School District parcel tax campaign. Every vote is critical. Your help in making sure the community knows about Measure V and it’s importance for all kids will make a huge difference. Parcel taxes require […]

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