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The Endrews decision, 2 years later

As stated in this April 2018 article, “A year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools must offer students with disabilities an education reasonably calculated to enable them to “make progress appropriate in light of the child’s circumstances,” what has changed? On the one hand, not much, if evaluating the dozens of special […]

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Behavior is Communication

This Parents’ Guide to FBAs, Behaviors, Behavior Plans is very helpful in understanding how to address behavioral issues in your child’s IEP. One of our goals at is to focus on the systems and policies that contribute to the disproportionate level of special needs kids’ suspensions and expulsions… so perhaps this well-written summary is […]

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EDge Publication – Winter 2018

This is worth the read! The EDge Newsletter_winter2018_whole_final We have identified a lot of these issues at, and we’re excited that our ideas are being discussed at the State level! Yes!! ONWARD to better outcomes for all special needs kids!  

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Speak Up For Our Kids

As noted in this article, there is a clear (and repeating) disconnect between laws protecting special needs kids and the actions of our current federal administration. The only way to change this is to know our kids rights, and to speak up! Join us as as we champion the rights of students, educate parents […]

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Mental Health Education Curriculum Adopted in NY and VA

As discussed in this article, mental health education in schools to help kids understand the early signs and symptoms of mental illnesses in themselves and friends is currently only mandated in New York, where mental health instruction takes place from kindergarten to grade 12, and Virginia, where it’s been added to the curricula for grades nine […]

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Hope for an Inclusion Movement

This article addresses research showing “that children with and without disabilities do better in inclusive classrooms [, and that] . . . [t]he fear that some kids will be slowed down by kids with disabilities is just not true.” Awesome news! As we at HOPE for a shift toward widespread inclusive practices in our […]

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IEPs are the Cornerstone of SPED

Is your school adhering to the goals and services set forth in your IEP? A new study suggests that this is not something parents should just assume is happening. As essential members of the IEP Team, and the key contact with their own kids, parents are uniquely situated to advocate for what their kids need. […]

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Friendship is Powerful

The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS Method), can be used to teach preschoolers, adolescents, and young adults with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other socio-emotional problems how to listen, interact, and communicate with others. This article explores this innovative method for finding ways for anyone to develop friendships! “Friendship is a critical […]

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Provision of IEPs?

Litigation is not a good answer, but sometimes it raises the stakes. This article highlights the response we often see when students’ needs appear to be unmet. At we are committed to positively addressing practical solutions to systems, with the goals of widespread whole-system improvement AND better outcomes for all kids.  Join us today!

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