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Accessibility is Key is keeping up to date on the important advocacy work for Disability Rights California, which advocates, educates, investigates, and litigates to advance the rights, dignity, equal opportunities, and choices for all people with disabilities. For more information, visit

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On the positive side of ADHD

At, our focus is on how we can make things… systems, policies, perceptions… better.  Here is a positive view of ADHD from — and I am sure there are even more positive attributes to celebrate in these kids!  

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Pepper spray used on detained teens

An issue for all youth, though far too many of the children in our juvenile detention facilities have special needs. Thank you, Disability Rights California. “Fresno County uses pepper spray on detained teens. A new report calls it ‘dangerous’”

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North Dakota to require ABA coverage

“ND Insurance Dept is going to announce on Wed at 3 pm in a press conference at the Capitol Memorial Hall; and in West Fargo at 9a.m. at the Pioneer center in West Fargo that insurance providers will now be required to cover ABA (applied behavioral analysis – the major approved therapy service for children […]

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…Excluding someone from society simply because of disability is WRONG

“Freedom doesn’t come with a piece of paper. A piece of paper doesn’t end a long history of intentional and purposeful discrimination. Excluding someone from society simply because of disability is WRONG.” – President Bill Clinton

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Media Focus on Mental Health Supports

In a 1969 Senate Hearing, Mr. Rogers calmly explained the importance of his show based upon his care for children and their mental health.  He recounted the benefits of ensuring that children know that “feelings are mentionable and manageable” and that doing this is a “great service for mental health.” He was able to secure $20 […]

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