It has been almost 2 months since my son was diagnosed with autism.*

I’ve met a number of helpful and supportive people.

Committed social workers. Inspired teachers. Skilled therapists. Great doctors.

But the absolutely most confidence inspiring thing has been the Special Needs Moms.

I’ve started meeting some other special needs kids a couple of years older than my son and, I’ve got to say it is pretty comforting to see how well they are doing.

There is light farther down the tunnel.

I think the magic is the moms.

These women have chosen to stay home with their kids and give them their time and attention when it matters most.

They’ve put their careers on hold.

They’ve spent a lot of time to help their special needs child (or children) (and their other children too).

They are there for each other … and for a new special needs parent like me.

They volunteer to help other families with special needs children.

Getting the best results for a special needs child is all about time and effort.

These moms make the effort.

These moms spend the time.

I suspect that if you want the best outcome for your special needs child, there needs to be a stay-at-home parent who is home when your special needs child is home and is there is work the system when the child isn’t home.

And, I suspect, most of the time that person is going to be the mom.

But, there is nothing wrong with it being someone else (Dads?).

(* Originally posted 11 November 2016 as “Here’s to the Autism Moms”)

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