Our kids need toilet paper, not a plan

Our schools need a lifeline – you can help by voting Yes on Measure V

Did you know that our schools don’t have enough money for toilet paper?

That’s how bad things have gotten in the San Mateo Foster City School District.

And its about to get worse.

If Measure V doesn’t pass, one of the “planned” cuts is to only clean classrooms every other day.

If you have a kid, you can imagine what that would look like at your home.

… I have 2 kids. Our house needs to be cleaned more than once a day.

Multiply that by 30 kids per classroom.

A $5 million dollar cut is scheduled to go into effect next year if Measure V doesn’t pass.

That is probably at least 50 more jobs lost.

In our stressed out, underfunded, poorly maintained school system.

Our schools are starving.

The school district is already going into its reserves because Measure Y failed last year.

The message wasn’t clear enough…

Our schools can’t continue like this.

Measure V basically restores an old parcel tax that was (barely) keeping the lights on.

I’ve read the complaints about inefficiencies in our school district and their poor performance.

Yes. Some exist. There are (some) bad teachers. Bad administrators. Bad programs. Bad Projects.

They are made much worse by the severe lack of funding that the district has been dealing with for decades.

Things are made worse by the failure of us – All of us – the citizens of San Mateo and Foster City – to vote with our ballots and our pocketbooks to support our schools.

Without our support, our schools:

  • Can’t hire great teachers.
  • Can’t recruit innovative administrators
  • Can’t bring in the best staff.

Google didn’t become a worldwide powerhouse by hiring the cheapest.

Facebook didn’t take over social media by running its business in a pig sty.

Apple didn’t get to be a trillion dollar company by cutting corners.

They got there by investing in their staff.

They got their by taking care of their facilities.

They got their by investing in their products (in our case, our children).

We do need to talk about what it will take for the San Mateo Foster City School District to be a leading educational community.

But not today.

Our schools don’t need a plan they need a lifeline.

  • Your vote is critical.
  • Your help is needed.

Help us. Help our community.

Help today.


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