.A year in prison costs California taxpayers $71,000

No one blinks.

The cost has risen by $22,000 since 2011 – 30  percent.

No one blinks.

A parcel tax to raise funding for our local schools by 3 percent in the same eight year period.

The screaming begins:






Since 1970, California’s schools went from being top rated in the country down to 45th or so today, depending on the report.

During the same time period, California’s prison population grew from 0.1% to 0.5% of the population.

California prisons grew from 3. 23 percent of our budget in 1908 to 9.39 percent in 2011.

Our choice

At $71,000 each prisoner, we could improve the education of 17 of our kids to the same quality education we have in Palo Alto (at $5,000 each).

Turning a cost into an investment.

Our choice.

Note, this would be at a zero net cost to the state.

This would cut in half the number of kids who are performing below grade level.

Cut             in              half.

Our choice.

Probably, there would be a good number of more taxpayers paying more taxes… and even a couple fewer prisoners.

This is the madness of the California Budget Blender.

Everything has consequences.

The thing about a parcel tax is that it is going to be used right here. For exactly what you specify.

Nothing else.

If California somehow decides to spend more money on schools (which would be awesome), that spending would be spread throughout the state.

A parcel tax gets spent right here.

On education.


Our schools.


It is a laser beam focused on our local community’s problem.

If you want to help oversee it, you can go to the school board meetings twice a month.

You can be on the oversight committee.

It isn’t hard.

There are only 15,000 active voters in San Mateo and Foster City.


Depending on the year, you might be running unopposed.

If you want to help our local kids.

If you want targeted spending on exactly what we need.

You would be hard pressed to find something more effective than voting for Measure V.

Ready to help?

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