Better education is critical for special needs kids.

In California, fewer than 15% of all special needs kids (12.5 percent of the student population – over 300,000 students) are performing at or above grade level (studies estimate that 80 percent or more children with disabilities could perform at or above grade level – a gap of 65 percent or 195,000 kids in California are being left behind today).

These poor outcomes have real life consequences – only 30 percent of adults with disabilities in California are employed.

Thank you to those who helped with our first ever Postcard Campaign in support of a Ballot Measure – we hope you’re interested in helping some more, and we hope you’ll join

You did it!

Over 500 community volunteers wrote 10,000 postcards to voters in San Mateo and Foster City to in support of Measure V – raising over $833 per year for each and every student in the District.

Even more impressively, you talked about the issues with your neighbors, shared pictures and stories online, and you made the community care.

We want to extend a special THANK YOU to the following schools for their amazing turnout:

  • Bayside STEAM/STEM (750 Postcards)
  • Foster City Elementary (400 Postcards)
  • LEAD Elementary (400 Postcards)
  • Meadow Heights (600 Postcards)
  • North Shoreview Montessori (450 Postcards)
  • San Mateo Park Elementary (1,100 Postcards)
  • Sunnybrae Elementary (500 Postcards)

(We think there were more schools doing a lot, but things got pretty crazy during the campaign).

We’ve posted the list of schools and individuals that we know of at

We only have first names for some of you…and we probably missed some of you, especially if you volunteered through school leads or at postcard parties, but we appreciate each of you!

It was truly an amazing effort.

The resulting additional $10,000,000 per year will give much needed funds to student programs, boost teacher salaries, and it is truly an opportunity to achieve better outcomes for all kids in San Mateo and Foster City’s public elementary and middle schools!

*8.5% of the students in San Mateo-Foster City School District are students with disabilities (on average, there is at least one student with disabilities in every general education classroom) and Measure V will last for 9 years: 

8.5% x 9 years x $10 million = $7.65 million for special education students in the San Mateo Foster City School District!

You can make a difference

All kids have a right to a public education, the health care and services they need, but we are failing our kids with disabilities.
Better outcomes for all special needs kids is our goal.
We are working to make this a reality.

We need your help. Join us!

Before 1972, kids with disabilities had no right to an education. They were often institutionalized or hidden at home.

Things are better now, but we still have a long way to go.

While the laws are pretty good (though there are some obvious gaps like no minimum wage protection!), society hasn’t changed.

The current systems aren’t serving our kids or their families.

  • If you are a parent of a child with disabilities, you live this every day.
  • If you are a friend or supporter (thank you)… you probably have heard stories that are hard to believe.

Education is important for all kids, and it has been the initial priority of in our launch this year. As we grow, we will reach issues of healthcare, service gaps, silo’ed providers, lack of housing for persons with disabilities — and the list goes on. 

As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit mutual benefit corporation,’s focus on political action and systems improvement is what it is going to take to improve academic, social and life outcomes for all kids with special needs. 

This allows us to do things like the postcard campaign, to lobby for bills, and endorse candidates who are aligned with our goals for kids.

We are working to develop relationships and strategic alliances with like-minded organizations and leaders, to educate stakeholders about their rights and responsibilities under current laws and regulations, and to return the primary focus to our kids, their education, and reaching best possible life outcomes.

We know that better is possible.

We want you to believe that too.

We welcome your input and your help with any or all of our work.

This is a long game and a team effort.

It’s important, and as we work toward a better educational future for all kids, we are also working through that with our own kids.

One easy way to support our work is to become a member of

We hope you will consider joining us on this important journey!

All our best,
Chelsea, Steve & Jenny, Founders

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