We began the SNKIDS.ORG journey together in December 2017. Our goal –

Better Outcomes for all Special Needs Kids

through steadfast advocacy for political and systems improvement.

We have just begun. But, so far, we have:

Our work in progress includes:

  • OpenIEP project
  • SELPA-CAC strategy
  • A series of Articles regarding Behavior as Communication & the intersection of this concept with current Models of Discipline
  • Developing Strategic Alliances with like-minded leaders and organizations locally and throughout CA
  • Developing a framework for maintaining Education as a first priority for all kids, and embracing general education status and inclusion as a default LRE

We are also working on special education report cards to capture key metrics and performance gaps to drive policy changes and accountability, AND we’re mapping how the puzzle of our special education laws, government departments, support groups and funding all fit together!

Special needs kids will be Visible and Valued in our systems and policies.

We will continue to report on our progress as we continue this journey on behalf of special needs kids.  We believe in accountability and transparency for organization as well as for our political leaders and the systems and policies under which they operate.

Steven Davis, Jenny McPherson & Chelsea Bonini

SNKIDS.ORG, Co-Founders & Board of Directors