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You are receiving this email because we have met you at an event (some of you almost a year ago with Steve at the 2017 School Board Forum!) or you have reached out to us…

As you may already know, is committed to positively addressing practical solutions to systems and policies, with the goals of widespread improvement and better outcomes for all special needs kids in education and in life.

This is our first official email/newsletter, even though we’ve been up and running for many months! We’ve been busy, so we want to update you and also keep you up to date going forward. We promise not to flood your inbox, but we’ll likely send a couple of followup emails soon!

Some quickupdates on our activities are:

You can find out a lot more about what we’ve been doing on our website and, for those of you who use it, on Facebook.

This past spring we incorporated as as California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, and we’re operating as a 501(c)(4), which means we can lobby on issues, endorse candidates and measures, and otherwise have a direct impact on the politics and systems that affect all special needs kids.

We’re aiming big with our initiatives… so that you don’t have to fight for everything everyday.

We’re advocating for positive change in current systems… so that you can focus on being a special needs parent.

Thank you again for wanting to help and learn more about our work. You have truly inspired us, and we really feel that we’re in this together.

… let’s have some fun,

… cause some trouble,

… work together,

… and make things better for all special needs kids!

Welcome to the community & we hope to see you soon!

All our best,

Steve, Chelsea & Jenny, better outcomes for all special needs kids
Co-Founders and Directors

(p.s. There are 3 of us now!)

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