Thank you for your interest in supporting The California Inclusion Project, 30 Days of Inclusion Online Conference.

NOTE: We are still working on the automation for this section – contact: steve@snkids.org with your sponsorship questions.

We are offering 4 types of sponsorships:

  • General Sponsorships
  • Captioning Sponsorships
  • Translation Sponsorships
  • Email Sponsorships

General Sponsors

General sponsors will be included in our directory of sponsors on our website and in the proceedings. Your sponsor status will be available as long as the 30 Days of Inclusion material is online as well as in any written versions (electronic or paper) of our proceedings. There are four proposed levels of general sponsors (details and pricing TBD).

  • Basic – Basic information about your organization (Name, email address, phone, address)
  • Standard – All basic information PLUS a live web link to your web site.
  • Full – All standard information PLUS a paragraph about your organization.
  • Complete – All Full information PLUS your logo

Captioning Sponsors

Captioning for video (and transcripts for audio) is a powerful way to help us reach more of the disabled community. The pricing is approximately $1/minute and your organization will be mentioned wherever the content or captioning is included (for example within a video and in its description).

We are not certain how much of this type of content there will be – contact us for details.

Translation Sponsors

We would like to make as much of our content available in as many languages as possible with the first priority being Spanish. Until we have the final content, we won’t have a good way to determine pricing – contact us if you are interested.

Email Sponsors

Each day of the conference, participants will receive at least one email summarizing the articles/sessions for the day. Email sponsors will be publicized in the email for the day and may be exclusive or not – contact us to discuss.

Audio Captioning Sponsors

For video to make it more accessible to the visually impaired. Until we have the final content, we won’t have a good way to determine pricing – contact us if you are interested.

Other Sponsorships

If you have other ideas as to how you might support The California Inclusion Project, let us know – steve@snkids.org or 650-278-7416,

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