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Join us to improve education and opportunities for disabled kids.

Pride, respect, opportunity, inclusion.

We’re working change the education and support systems by improving transparency, access and accountability for kids, and your help will make a difference today!

We need your help to:

  • Educate our policy makers, state and local leaders, and our community.
  • Develop blueprints for legislation, resolutions, and individual action to make change happen.
  • Lobby to hold our leaders accountable.
  • Incubate new leaders and activists to make the change that must happen become a reality.

A not-for-profit with teeth is a 501c4. We are a not-for-profit, but your contribution is NOT tax deductible.

Why?  Because we need to change our systems, politics, and culture. 

That means creating, amending, and lobbying for legislation.

That means endorsing leaders.  (or not)

There are a lot of wonderful groups advocating for individuals and providing educational and other services. We support them and invite you to do the same. But, after 40 years of formal legal protections and practical failed outcomes, it is clear we need make real political and social change.

We hope you feel the same.

We rely on sustaining support of individuals like you to support our goal of better outcomes for all kids with all disabilities through our strategy of deliberate democracy.

Change your mind? No problem, cancel anytime.

Better education and better outcomes are essential for our kids to be successful in life — and your contribution WILL make a difference!

Thank you!


P.S. – We need you to join our working groups to develop solutions , monitor public agencies to hold them accountable, carry out research, and support other members of our community – your contribution of time is truly appreciated.

Not ready to join or volunteer?

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