The cost of failure of Measure V

There is a high cost of failure for Measure V.

Between $300,000 to $350,000 per school ($7 million per year).

Funds our schools have depended on until Measure Y failed in 2017.

The damage will be real.

Our schools in California are already underfunded.

In San Mateo and Foster City, the our funding is below average for our state.

$300,000 to $350,000 per year per school

You can debate where those dollars are going to come from, but the bottom line is that our schools will be taking more than a 5 percent budget cut.

It is going to hurt.

It is going to hurt an already suffering system.

Management isn’t going to fix it.

Our management could be better

Our board could be better…

Our teachers could be better…

… but who is going to want to come “fix” a school district that is busy cutting its budget?

  • If our community doesn’t care, if WE don’t care, why should some new teacher or administrator or staff person?
  • But who is going to help our students DO better if WE (our community) won’t invest in them?

California won’t.

The US won’t.

It is up to us – you and me – to vote for our kids.

12,000 of our kids.

If you are mad at the district, I get it.

There are lots of things you can do.

  • Show up at school board meetings.
  • Vote.
  • Run for the school board.
  • Run for an oversight committee position.
  • Get involved.

What won’t work is voting against Measure V.

The only “message” you’ll be sending is that you don’t care about our kids.

… and the board will continue…

… and the district will continue…

… and things will only get worse.

and they are pretty bad already.

Are you ready to help?

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